nginx unit 1.7 リリース




nginx unitの新バージョン、 1.7がリリースされました。



※nginx unitは、Python・PHP・Go・Perl・Ruby・JavaScript (Node.js)・Java(もうすぐサポート予定)が使える アプリケーションサーバです。



Changes with Unit 1.7 20 Dec 2018

*) Change: now rpath is set in Ruby module only if the library was not found in default search paths; this allows to meet packaging restrictions on some systems.

*) Bugfix: "disable_functions" and "disable_classes" PHP options set via Control API did not work.

*) Bugfix: Promises on request data in Node.js were not triggered.

*) Bugfix: various compatibility issues with Node.js applications.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in Node.js module if application tried to read request body after request.end() was called.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in Node.js module if application attempted to send header twice.

*) Bugfix: names of response header fields in Node.js module were erroneously treated as case-sensitive.

*) Bugfix: uncatched exceptions in Node.js were not logged.

*) Bugfix: global install of Node.js module from sources was broken on some systems; the bug had appeared in 1.6.

*) Bugfix: traceback for exceptions during initialization of Python applications might not be logged.

*) Bugfix: PHP module build failed if PHP interpreter was built with thread safety enabled.




ユニット1.7の変更点 2018年12月20日
*)バグ修正:Control APIで設定したPHPオプション "disable_functions"と "disable_classes" が機能しなかった。




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