nginx njs-0.2.6 release


 Hello, this is Takahiro Kujirai@opensourcetech as LinuC evangelist.


nginx njs latest version, 0.2.6 released.


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njs is a subset of the JavaScript language that allows extending nginx functionality.

njs scripting language




Changelogs are followd.

Changes with 0.2.6

Release Date: 27 November 2018

Feature: making built-in prototypes mutable.
Feature: making global object mutable.
Feature: console.time() and console.timeEnd() methods.
Feature: allowing variables and functions to be redeclared.
Feature: extending Object.defineProperty() spec conformance.
Feature: introduced quiet mode for CLI to handle simple expressions from stdin.
Feature: introduced compact form of backtraces to handle stack overflows.
Improvement: improved wording for various exceptions.
Bugfix: fixed closure values handling.
Bugfix: fixed equality operator for various value types.
Bugfix: fixed handling of “this” keyword in various scopes.
Bugfix: fixed handling non-object values in Object.keys().
Bugfix: fixed parsing of throw statement inside if statement.
Bugfix: fixed parsing of newline after throw statement.
Bugfix: fixed parsing of statements in if statement without newline.
Bugfix: fixed size uint32_t overflow in njs_array_expand().
Bugfix: fixed typeof operator for object_value type.
Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.






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