nginx njs-0.2.5 release !!


Hello、Takahiro Kujirai@opensourcetech as LinuC Evangelist.


nginx njs latest version 0.2.5 released.


nginx news

njs scripting language



Updates are follows.



Changes with 0.2.5

Release Date: 30 October 2018
nginx modules:
Bugfix: fixed counting pending events in stream module.
Bugfix: fixed in stream module.
Bugfix: fixed processing of data chunks in js_filter in stream module.
Bugfix: fixed http status and contentType getter in http module.
Bugfix: fixed http response and parent getters in http module.
Feature: arguments object support.
Feature: non-integer fractions support.
Improvement: handling non-array values in Array.prototype.slice().
Bugfix: fixed Array.prototype.length setter
Bugfix: fixed njs_array_alloc() for length > 2**31.
Bugfix: handling int overflow in njs_array_alloc() on 32bit archs.
Bugfix: fixed code size mismatch error message.
Bugfix: fixed delete operator in a loop.
Bugfix: fixed Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() for complex object (inherited from Array and string values).
Bugfix: fixed Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() for non-object properties
Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.




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