Nginx unit 1.5 release!


Hello, this is Takahiro Kujirai@opensourcetech as LinuC Evangelist.


Nginx unit-1.5 release!


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Changelogs are follows.

1 change and 3 features, 3 bugfixes.



Changes with Unit 1.5 25 Oct 2018

*) Change: the "type" of application object for Go was changed to "external".
*) Feature: initial version of Node.js package with basic HTTP request-response support.
*) Feature: compatibility with LibreSSL.
*) Feature: --libdir and --incdir ./configure options to install libunit headers and static library.
*) Bugfix: connection might be closed prematurely while sending response; the bug had appeared in 1.3.
*) Bugfix: application processes might have stopped handling requests, producing "last message send failed: Resource temporarily unavailable" alerts in log; the bug had appeared in 1.4.
*) Bugfix: Go applications didn't work when Unit was built with musl C library.

 Unit 1.5 release



Looking forward to comming soon feature(TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2 routing and proxing) and supported application language(Java)!




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