nginx unit-1.4 release!!


Hello、this is Takahiro Kujirai@opensourcetece as LinuC Evangelist.


nginx unit latest version 1.4 released!

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Changes are forllows.



Changes with Unit 1.4 20 Sep 2018
*) Change: the control API maps the configuration object only at "/config/".
*) Feature: TLS support for client connections.
*) Feature: TLS certificates storage control API.
*) Feature: Unit library (libunit) to streamline language module integration.
*) Feature: "408 Request Timeout" responses while closing HTTP keep-alive connections.
*) Feature: improvements in OpenBSD support. Thanks to David Carlier.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred after reconfiguration.
*) Bugfix: building on systems with non-default locale might be broken.
*) Bugfix: "header_read_timeout" might not work properly.
*) Bugfix: header fields values with non-ASCII bytes might be handled incorrectly in Python 3 module.




Changes(Translated Japanese)

unit 1.4の変更点 2018年9月20日
*)変更:コントロールAPIは設定オブジェクトを "/ config /"にのみマップします。
*)機能追加:HTTPキープアライブ接続を閉じる際の "408 Request Timeout"応答。
*)機能追加:OpenBSDサポートの改善。 David Carlierに感謝。
*)バグ修正: "header_read_timeout"が正しく動作しない可能性があった。




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