nginx njs-0.2.4 release !!


Hello, this is kujiraitakahiro@opensourcetech as LinuC Evangelist.


njs new version 0.2.4 release!!

njs is a subset of the JavaScript language for nginx extended.

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 Changelogs are follows.

njs Changes



Release Date: 18 September 2018

nginx modules:

Change: stream module handlers refactored.
New methods and properties: s.on(),, s.allow(), s.done(), s.decline(), s.deny().
Removed properties of the Stream object: s.OK, s.ABORT, s.AGAIN, s.DECLINED, s.ERROR (replaced with s.allow(), s.done(), s.deny()).
s.buffer (for reading replaced with data argument of the corresponding callback, for writing use s.send()).
s.fromUpstream (replaced with a callback for a corresponding event).
s.eof (replaced with flags.last).


Core modules:
Feature: added Function.prototype.length.
Feature: introduced sandboxing mode.
Improvement: added exception strings where appropriate.
Improvement: improved wording for primitive type conversion exception.
Bugfix: throwing TypeError for attempts to change frozen properties.
Bugfix: fixed Object.defineProperty() for existing properties.
Bugfix: respecting the enumerable attribute while iterating by for in.
Bugfix: respecting writable attribute for property handlers.
Bugfix: fixed exception handling in arguments of a function.
Bugfix: fixed Object.prototype.toString for different value types.
Bugfix: fixed Object() constructor for object types arguments.
Bugfix: fixed comparison of objects and strings.
Bugfix: fixed String.slice() for undefined arguments.
Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.




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