nginx njs-0.2.3 release!


Hello,  This is Takahiro Kujirai@Opensourcetech.


njs (nginx's javascript subsets ) latest version 0.2.3 release!!

nginx news



Changes with 0.2.3
Release Date: 31 July 2018

(njs Changes)

nginx modules:
Bugfix: making a subrequest from a Reply object caused a segmentation fault.
Bugfix: getting the parent property of the main HTTP Request object caused a segmentation fault.
Feature: added the pretty string representation for values.
Feature: correctly printing floating point numbers.
Feature: correctly parsing floating point numbers.
Feature: String.bytesFrom() method (decoding hex, base64, base64url into a byte string).
Feature: String.padStart() and String.padEnd() methods.
Feature: added support of binary literals.
Improvement: added information about illegal token in number parsing.
Improvement: allowed uppercased O in octal literal values.
Improvement: added support for multiple arguments in console.log().
Bugfix: fixed applying call() to methods of external values.
Bugfix: fixed addition operator applied to an object.
Bugfix: fixed exception handling in njs_vm_value_to_ext_string().
Bugfix: fixed Number() with boolean, null and undefined arguments.
Bugfix: fixed error handling of setting non-numeric Array.length.
Bugfix: fixed autocompletion for global objects.
Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.




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