nginx unit-1.3 リリース !!


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nginx unit の最新バージョン 1.3がリリースされました。


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Changes with Unit 1.3 13 Jul 2018

*) Change: UTF-8 characters are now allowed in request header field values.

*) Feature: configuration of the request body size limit.

*) Feature: configuration of various HTTP connection timeouts.

*) Feature: Ruby module now automatically uses Bundler where possible.

*) Feature: http.Flusher interface in Go module.

*) Bugfix: various issues in HTTP connection errors handling.

*) Bugfix: requests with body data might be handled incorrectly in PHP module.

*) Bugfix: individual PHP configuration options specified via control API were reset to previous values after the first request in application process.

Unit 1.3の変更点 2018年7月13日(日本語訳)













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